Puzzle Cityscape 4D "Paris"

4D Cityscape Puzzle "Paris"

4D Cityscape Puzzle Paris
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An educational puzzle game that traces the history of Paris construction from 1345 to present day.

The game takes place in three stages :

1. The land on which the City of Lights has been built must be assembled. This is a classic puzzle. But with 870 pieces, it's not easy.

2. Once the first layer has been created, we add the second which represents the current urban structure of Paris, with it's Streets, squares, parks. It is also a puzzle, but with larger pats, and thicker. Holes are cut in certain pieces - where monuments of the city will come.

3. The third step gives the puzzle its "4D" name. Thanks to the poster provided, the major building in the city must be added one by one, in the order they were built : Notre Dame, the Luxemburg Palace, the Louvre, etc...All structure types are there : churches, palaces, bridges, modern buildings and of course iconic landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower and the Arc de Triomphe.

If is fun to build Paris right before your eyes and see the configuration change over time. It helps to better understand the city, its chronology and history.

Contains :

- Layer 1 : 656 piece puzzle with the topography
- Layer 2 : A puzzle of 369 pieces with the current map of Paris
- Layer 3 : 80 buildings to place on layer 2
- A poster with the main buildings of the city
- A notice (in French)

Dimensions (assembled): 66 x 38 x 5 cm
Ages 8+

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