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Absurd gadgets

Try to find a use to these objects... if you can. I doubt you can though!

[ See the 27 items Absurd gadget ]

Anti-stress from Mars

Feel too much stress in your life? Don't hit your boss of your kids! That won't help. Here are some alternative solutions.

[ See the 16 items Anti-stress ]

Magic putty

Le Dindon's magic putty has been adopted by hundreds of people, each for their own reasons. For some, it's a great way to relax, reducing the stress and need for cigarettes. For others...It's an excuse to return to childhood. It's good for those who have forgotten how to laugh or what it was like to be a kid!

Delivered in a small decorated metal box containing 80 grams of putty, it's perfect for slipping into your pocket and taking it everywhere!

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[ See the 2 items Magic putty ]

Drinks and party

A special page for people who enjoy life...

[ See the 12 items Drink and party ]

Useful gadgets

Surprising, funny or just crazy... these items are useful too !

[ See the 3 items Useful gadgets ]

Crazy robots

These small robotic animals are great for collecting! Created by Brazilian designer Chico Bicalho, each one has its own unique characteristic. Every robot is equipped with a remountable mechanism that allows it to vibrate in all different directions!!!

[ See the 5 items Crazy robots ]

Geek gadgets

[ See the 2 items Geek gadgets ]

Dindon T-shirts & accessories

You don't have any opinions or ideas to assert? That's no problem! Le Dindon gives you the possiblity of becoming a spokesman with a message of high importance. You'll be able to extoll the virtues of your favorite animal with pride.

[ See the 5 items Dindon T-shirts ]

Dindon Stickers

They're brand new and they're too cool : the Turkey stickers, yeaaah ! Stick them on you scooter or your PC, wherever you want, so that everybody knows that you don't have opinions on anything !

[ See the 11 items Dindon Stickers ]
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