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Absurd gadgets

Try to find a use to these objects... if you can. I doubt you can though!

[ See the 31 items Absurd gadget ]

Useful gadgets

Surprising, funny or just crazy... these items are useful too !

[ See the 14 items Useful gadgets ]

Anti-stress from Mars

Feel too much stress in your life? Don't hit your boss of your kids! That won't help. Here are some alternative solutions.

[ See the 14 items Anti-stress ]

Drinks and party

A special page for people who enjoy life...

[ See the 14 items Drink and party ]

Geek gadgets

[ See the 11 items Geek gadgets ]

Crazy robots

These small robotic animals are great for collecting! Created by Brazilian designer Chico Bicalho, each one has its own unique characteristic. Every robot is equipped with a remountable mechanism that allows it to vibrate in all different directions!!!

[ See the 7 items Crazy robots ]

Dindon T-shirts & accessories

You don't have any opinions or ideas to assert? That's no problem! Le Dindon gives you the possiblity of becoming a spokesman with a message of high importance. You'll be able to extoll the virtues of your favorite animal with pride.

[ See the 5 items Dindon T-shirts ]

Dindon Stickers

They're brand new and they're too cool : the Turkey stickers, yeaaah ! Stick them on you scooter or your PC, wherever you want, so that everybody knows that you don't have opinions on anything !

[ See the 10 items Dindon Stickers ]
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