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Your security is our priority.

Use your band card, and buy in peace

Purchasing on the Internet is increasingly popular, because it is simple, fast, and secure. If you are still doubt the security of online payments, read on to be reassured.

Some precautions to be respected

Before you supply your credit card information online, you must make sure that you are on a well protected page. To make sure, check for a small lock that should appear at the bottom right hand corner of the window asking for payment. The lock indicates that all the information you give will be coded, and that only the recipient will be able to decode it.

Preferably, the entire website should be crypted with a SSL certificate and have a URL starting with https://.
Our website is entirely secured with a SSL certificate delivered by Comodo.

Also mke sure that the website is a real company, and that it provides both an email address and a phone number.

With bank payments, security is even stronger!

Banks have taken interest in the Internet, by providing their own solutions for protected payment. The principle is simple: the bank takes care of the entire transaction over it's own website.

It is the safest solution for you, since not even the businessman has access to your information. This is the solution that we use, in partnership with a Savings Bank.

How do I pay on Le Dindon ?

If you decide to pay by credit card, you will be redirected towards the protected payment site of bank, . All the data which you enter will then be directly processed by the bank, which will check the validity of your information and ensure payment. There is no reason for your private information to be transmitted to us; it's a simple transaction between you and the bank.

--- Access SP PLUS website

Can I use another mode of payment?

Absolutely! You can also pay by wire transfer or with Paypal. Please check our FAQ.

Paiement Paypal


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