Tissus photographiques

Photographic fabrics

Photographic fabrics
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These squares are equivalent to real photographic paper, but in cotton! They are in effect infused with a photo sensitive product. Basically, these sheets will become darker when they are exposed to light.

If you put an object on this material during exposure to light (a flower, tableware, a grill...) the parts that are hidden will keep their original color and the rest will blacken. And if it's film with a lot of gray, it will print "a negative" on the tissue. Simply put, it's the same principle used to develop photos.

An added plus is that both sides of this tissue are photo sensitive ! You can expose each side one after the other and then rinse the square under water to 'fix' the image!

There are multitudes of possibilities. For example, rinse the tissue with coffee or a colored liquid to give it a specific tint. Or use an x-ray or old negatives to leave an original imprint on this amazing material.

6 photographic squares - multicolored
Dimensions 15 x 15 cm
Avoid washing after printing.


Photo Mug Photo Mug
9.50 €
Customizable Polaroid Coasters (x4) Customizable Polaroid Coasters (x4)
10 €

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