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Please use email as a first priority.
We answer all enquiries as quickly as possible.
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Are the products I ordered in stock?

Yes! If you were able to order a product it is in stock. Availability is shown clearly at the top of each product page and products that are out of stock cannot be put into your cart.

I have not received a confirmation email after my order

An email confirmation is automatically sent after each command. - Are you sure that your order has been completed and your payment has been validated? Validation is indicated immediately after you complete payment.
- Check your "spam" folder in your email.
- Make sure the email you have us is correct. Sometimes customers make a typo on their email address. If this is the case or if you have any doubt, please contact us : we will correct your email and send you information regarding your order.

Is my payment with my credit card secured?

Of course! Please visit our "secure payment" page for more information.

Can I pay by wire transfer or by check?

Of course! We only accept French checks, but you can do a wire transfer from all over the world.

Can I pay with Paypal?

Yes it is possible!
To do this, type the code PAYPAL in the "coupon" field of your order. Then we will offer Paypal as a payment option on the next page and you can pay with your Paypal account or a credit card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Dawn, Cofinoga, 4 stars...). If you use a credit card, you won't need to create a Paypal account.

Cost: We appply a 4% fee on your order. This addition corresponds to the Paypal commission fee for each transaction.

My order is a gift. Can I leave a personal message? Do you include an invoice?

You can leave a personnal message to the recipient. Just type it in the order form.
We do not include an invoice in the parcel - just a packing list (no price). You will receive the invoice by email, and on your account.
We do not wrap gift.


When will I receive my order?

All orders are prepared and shipped quickly. Delivery options and costs are available on our "delivery" page.

I need my order ASAP! What can you do?

There is an Express (24h) delivery option for deliveries in France : orders placed before 1pm (Monday to Friday) are delivered the next day.
If you order after 1pm and you want your package to leave on the same day (express or classic delivery), call us and we will have it shipped if it's possible.
Note : We cannot make this exception in the weeks leading up to Christmas, as our demand is very high and everyone is in a hurry. We will process orders in the order they are received, simply prioritizing Express orders.

How can I track my parcel?

After your order is shipped you will receive an email with the tracking number and a link to track your parcel. This information is also available in the "My Account" section, and on your invoice.

The tracking information for my parcel is not available

Package tracking is generally available the night of shipment or the next morning (depending on when the package is scanned). If tracking information is not available after 48 hours, please contact us immediately.

I haven't received my order within the indicated shipping time

Check the status of your package (see question above). Several cases are possible :
- The delivery was delayed. The time indicated by the transporters is usually respected, but sometimes there are delays, especially in the weeks leading up to Christmas and during exceptional circumstances (weather, strikes ...). This is completely beyond our control. If the delay exceeds 48 hours from the stated time, please contact us and we will open an investigation with the transporter.
- In your absence, the package was delivered to the nearest post office and the driver forgot to leave a notice in your mailbox. Just go to the post office with your tracking number and identification.
- The package was delivered to a neighbor or the caretaker of the building.

Tracking information indicates my order has been delivered, but I have not received it

It is likely that it has been delivered to a neighbor or the custodian of your building. Get in contact with them as quickly as possible. If they do not have your parcel, go to your local post office with your tracking number and identification. Your parcel might be there. If not, ask for details about delivery, including the deliveryman's feedback. If your parcel cannot be found, contact us and send us a copy of this sheet. We will follow-up with the research and will keep you updated as soon as possible.

My parcel was returned to sender

It is likely that the address you mentioned was incomplete or incorrect. We will contact you as soon as your order is returned.
- If your address was incorrect - you will have to provide the correct address and pay for reshipping the parcel.
- If the error was due to the transporter, send us proof of address and we will send your order back to you for free.


My parcel was damaged by the transporter

- Mention the damage to the delivery person.
- Take a picture of the damaged parcel before opening it, on which the delivery label can be read.
- Open the parcel and check if any product inside is broken. If so, take a picture.
- Email us the pictures.
- We will then send you replacement products immediatly.

I received a defective or damaged item

Write us an email describing the problem in as much detail as possible. Attach a photo showing the fault or broken item. We will then send you our procedure for exchanging you item as soon as possible.

I would like to return a product: is it possible?

Of course you may, 30 days after you receive your order. Please let us know by email before you do anything. To help us improve our services please let us know why you want to return the item.
You must then return the item to our warehouse in perfect condition. In other words, with its orginal packaging intact. The return cost is at your expense.
If you send the item back within 14 days of receipt of your order we will refund the cost of the item. Else, you will receive a voucher for the value of the returned product.

I love your website! Can I send you an email to thank you?

Of course - Gobble Gobble!!! You can also talk about Le Dindon on the Internet, blogs and to your friends! We refuse to advertise, so our customers are our best ambassadors!


We are a business : can we have a 30 day payment term?

Yes. Place your order and select "Check or Wire transfer" as your method of payment. Then send us an email asking us to ship your order immediately. Payment will be made within 30 days.

Can we enjoy discounted rates for bulk purchases?

Yes, we can offer cheaper rates, if you order a large enough quantity. Send us your request by email with as much detail (reference number, quantity, time, possible customization) and we will offer you a personalized quote.

Can you customize a product?

Of course all products can be customized, well almost! However, there are significant fixed costs. It is there for necessary to order a sufficient quantity so the price is affordable. It also depends on the type of customization you want to have (sticker, marking, engraving etc....)

Can I receive a sample?

We do not send free samples because this service has been abused in the past. However, you can receive an item by simply ordering on the site.

How can I suggest a new product?

If you manufacture or distribute a product that you think goes well with the spirit of LeDindon, do not hesitate to contact us! Send us a catalog or description of your products (with photos), your rates and conditions of sale. We will give you an answer quickly.


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