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Useful design

It's good to have nice objects at home, and it's even better if they're useful...

[ See the 15 items Useful design ]

Readers and writers accessories

Unique accessories for readers and book lovers.

[ See the 20 items Readers' corner ]

Bathroom & toilets

[ See the 25 items Bathroom & WC ]

Design & home

Add a "design" touch to your home... Design can also be fun and affordable.

[ See the 14 items Design & Home ]

Phone accessories

[ See the 8 items Phone accessories ]

Office accessories

You can work and have a little bit of fun too...
[ See the 22 items Office ]

The little men by Hinz & Kunz

There is no limit for the contemporary German metal sculptor GŁnter Scholtz and his "art family". His whimsical nuts and boltz caricatures of people at work and play are recognized by the signature eyeglasses that they all wear. His sculptures are each handcrafted from steel and copper.

[ See the 7 items Hinz & Kunst Men ]
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