Pendule de sable

Sand pendulum

Sand pendulum
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When science and art come together, beautiful things are created!!! Get ready to fall in love...

This piece of science art consists of two elements that move together as if dancing. The pendulum swings over a basin filled with sand, drawing images in the sand with it's tip. The basin can also oscillate but not necessarily at the same tempo.

There are an infinite number of ways to move each element. You can adjust the amplitude, speed and direction of rotation. You can be sure that whatever you choose, your results will always be something worth looking at!

Each combination of movements leads to specific geometric shapes and designs being sketched in the sand. Have fun, try different combinations and let your imagination soar!

Stainless steel basin and pendulum
Manufactured and assembled by hand in Germany
Dimensions : diameter - 35 cm, height - 125 cm
Sand included

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