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Beer tracker
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Sometimes it's hard to keep track off a night on the beers, especially when it comes to how much you've had to drink. Some of the lads are always keen to over inflate their boozing prowess, whilst the rest of us simply suffer a bit of blank. Let there never be contention again. The Beer Tracker never lies - each time a beer is cracked it is counted on the neat digital display. Keep track as the night progresses, then, if you can find it in the morning, uncover the grand total of your exploits. Ideal for world record attempts. Happy drinking!

Batteries included
Length: 13 cm

Bottle openers:

Puzzle "Screwdriver Bottle" Puzzle "Screwdriver Bottle"
21 €
Happy man Corkscrew Happy man Corkscrew
8 €
Beerdy Bottle Opener Beerdy Bottle Opener
12.50 €
Bird Corkscrew Bird Corkscrew
14 €
Bike Bottle Opener Bike Bottle Opener
6.50 €
"Boom Boom" Cap "Boom Boom" Cap
10.50 €
Fish Corkscrew Fish Corkscrew
10 €

Beer lovers:

Wooden beer cup Wooden beer cup
15 €
Mini Plant Beer Hops Mini Plant Beer Hops
6.50 €

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Average rating : 4.35/5 (62 reviews)
  4/5 , 12/01/2020
  4/5 , 07/11/2019
  3/5 , 24/12/2018
Le produit semble de qualité moyenne mais le prix est très bas; on ne peut pas tout avoir
  4/5 , 15/12/2018
Pas testé, petit cadeau de Noel, mais amusant et original pour les buveurs de bière .
  4/5 , 05/12/2018
  5/5 , 22/09/2018
  5/5 , 02/01/2018
A ce prix là, il ne faut pas hésiter: c'est marrant et peut-être utile!
  4/5 , 21/12/2017
  3/5 , 17/12/2017
  5/5 , 11/09/2017
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