Lanterne volante

Sky lantern

Sky lantern
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Sky lanterns are typically found in East Asian cultures. This lantern is basically a paper balloon that uses a flame as it's source of fuel, it floats as long as it's flame is burning and will slowly returns when the flame dies. The science behind this is simple : as the flame heats the air inside of the lantern, its density is lowered causing the lantern to rise.

A little history...
According to popular folklore, the sky lantern was invented by a Chinese military strategist. They were first used at the turn of the 3rd century as a type of signaling balloon or as some say a sort of spy blimp. Later, they were used in Chinese and Thai festivals. For many Thai's the sky lantern represents their problems and worries floating away.

For us in the West - these lanterns are mysterious, beautiful and romantic ! Use them to create special memories that will last a lifetime...

Thaï lantern
Height of inflated balloon : about 90 cm
It can float up to 1250 m and go long distances

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Pour nous deux à la nouvelle année et pour des amis pour leur nouvelle maison. Ils ont trouvé cela magnifique et nous aussi.
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três bien
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on a pas pu l'utiliser quand je voulais car il pleuvait et il y avait trop de vent, mais ce sera très bien je pense!
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