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Cardboard Camera

Cardboard Camera
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22.50 This item is discontinued

What would you say to the idea of a cardboard camera? One that you build yourself and take pictures with using real film?

Living in the age of digital cameras, it seems highly unlikely, but with the STD-35 it's a definite possibility!

The kit comes with a few cardboard sheets that you'll need to assemble. Give yourself 1-2 hours to put the camera together. And don't worry you won't need to use scissors or make a mess with glue, the kit has all the parts pre-cut and provides double-sided tape to hold your camera together. So not only is the camera itself simple, putting it together is a breeze! In the end you'll have a camera with a lens and shutter to take pictures. The camera will cycle through the film using two plastic spools (the only parts that are not made out of cardboard).
This camera is a great way to discover photography for children and adults. You can learn the basic concepts of photography : exposure time, focal length etc. Experiment in different places, use different levels of brightness and then move on to other experiments. You'll be surprised by the results.
It's also a great way to get photographs with artistic charm - just check out the last 5 pictures, they were all taken by this camera model.

Oh and did we mention that you can attach this camera to your tripod? The possibilities are endless!

Unit dimensions assembled: 11 x 7 x 3.2 cm
Presented in a cardboard box (26 x 20 x 2.5 cm)

Technical Description:
- Camera cardboard mount
- Uses standard 35 mm film
- Diameter of the hole (aperture): 0.16 mm
- Focal Length: 20 mm, relative aperture f/130
- Made in Japan
- Instructions in English very illustrated
- Click here for the leaflet in French

The pinhole:
The pinhole is the most basic technique used in shooting. It is likely that the first photograph taken by Niépce used this principle in 1827.
A pinhole camera is a sealed black box with a tiny hole (a few tenths of a millimeter). When the hole is exposed to light, the image in front of the camera is inverted on the bottom of the black box, onto the film.


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