Casse-tête "Equa"

Puzzle "Equa"

Puzzle Equa
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Difficulty: Extreme (5/6)
Goal: Take the 2 cylinders out of the cage
Dimensions: 4.5 x 4.5 x 4.5 cm
Brand : Hanayama (Huzzle collection)

Your Mission: Take it apart and then reassemble it!

This puzzle takes on a ball-like shape of an astronomical model composed of a planet and it's surrounding ring. The planet positioned tightly inside the ring looks as if it cannot be taken out, it seems as if all you can do with it is rotate it on its axis. Or is that really the case?

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Our customers' reviews

Average rating : 4.57/5 (7 reviews)
  5/5 , 16/10/2022
Casse tete incroyablement beau et esthétique , du trés bon Oskar van deventer! au niveau difficulté la ca devient sérieux.
  4/5 , 15/12/2016
  5/5 , 25/11/2016
Cette série de casse tête est tout simplement diaboliquement géniale. Foncez !
  3/5 , 11/02/2016
  5/5 , 17/12/2014
pour offrir à quelqu'un que l'on déteste... crise de nerf assurée, pas de solution dans la boîte
  5/5 , 15/12/2013
  5/5 , 27/08/2013
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