Casse-tÍte "Ring"

Puzzle "Ring"

Puzzle Ring
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Difficulty: Hard (4/6)
Goal: Take the 3 elements apart
Dimensions: 5 x 5 x 2 cm
Brand : Hanayama (Huzzle collection)

More than a puzzle, this is the real proof of love! This ring has a history, as it was the standard wedding/engagement rng in the 15 century. It has been said that Luther, the father of Protestantism wore one.

The ring was supposed to be a guarantee of the loyalty between lovers. Indeed, once off the finger, it's pretty easy to take apart, put putting it back together is another story. If the unfaithful husband took the ring off his finger to charm other ladies, there was a high chance that th elements would separate, and if he failed to assemble them again and returned to his wife without the ring on his hand, he would be charged with adultery!

NOTE : The ring we sell cannot be worn because of its large size - to make it easier to see and manipulate the puzzle.

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