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Mini telescope

Mini telescope
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Discovering the night sky is one of the most exciting activities you can imagine. This small telescope magnifies objects by up to 288 times and helps you learn about astronomy with ease, thanks to its reasonable price and simplicity of use. AND, it's not just for kids!

Someone who as never seen the rings of Saturn or the surface of the Moon through the lens of a telescope has missed out on some magical moments. With this tool of observation, planets take on volume and they no longer remain just mere dots in the sky. These distant objects suddenly take on a new meaning and it is truly a moving experience.

It's also an interesting experience trying to pinpoint certain celestial objects using a telescope (which is much more difficult than one might think), and takes some getting used to. Not to mention learning about the different constellations and objects to find in the night sky.

Included is a 48 page booklet that details the installation and operation of the telescope, it also contains lots of information on different celestial objects to observe (as well as maps of the moon, planets, galaxies, comets, nebulae, double stars...), scientific explanations of space, a little history of astronomy and it even explains how you can build you own little rocket!

Suitable for children 8+ yrs.

Contains :
- One telescope (tube length of 60 cm)
- One tripod 89 cm
- Two eyepieces (4 mm and 20 mm)
- A Barlow lens
- A star map
- Instructions in French

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