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Sun dial

Sun dial
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Nowadays, we're surrounded by all types of clocks and wrist-watches. They're found in public places, on our computers, on our TV channels, etc. It's hard to imagine a point time when telling time wasn't always so simple.

For a long time, the only method of telling time was to observe sundials or using hourglasses. The first sundials that were used thousands of years BC were basic and only gave an approximate time. Today, we've integrated complex correction systems and are capable of reading the time in a more precise fashion.

This sundial is attractive and functional, it's a great way to initiate yourself in the age-old practice of reading sun dials.

Made from wood this beautiful historic replica is a great gift for anyone!

Dimensions : 9 x 7.5 x 3 cm
Includes a built-in compass
Instructions included

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  4/5 , 26/12/2013
un peu fragile
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