Gants téléphone hi-Call (micro & haut-parleur)

Telephone Gloves

Telephone Gloves
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59 € 39 € This item is discontinued

This is the must have phone accessory for this winter!!!

A glove embedded with Bluetooth technology that allows phone call interaction without removing it. Perfect for use in every sport, from skiing to running, it can also be used to control the touch screen of your smartphone thanks to it's capacitive technology.

These gloves are Bluetooth headsets (for your hand) with the speaker built into the thumb and the mic in the pinky, so you can talk by making the traditional "call me" hand gesture.

Pairing is simple enough for anyone who's done the process on a more traditional headset -- the button is built into the top of the glove, along with a button to end the call.

Compatible with all mobile phones with Bluetooth
Charging cable included
One Size fits all
Operating range: 12m
Battery life: standby 10 days ; conversation 20h
Color : black
Size : large (length : 25 cm)

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