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Keychain Tripod

Keychain Tripod
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10 € This item is discontinued

Long gone are those annoying pictures where someone (the photographer) is missing. Forget questioning who is going to take the next photo or looking for some stranger to snap a group picture...This ingenious portable tripod makes sure that every picture has everyone in it - no hassles!

It's not only practical but easy to use : simply unscrew the key chain and screw on the camera and voilà, a ready to use mini tripod.

If you have unsteady hands and always end up taking blurry distorted images, you can officially kick that problem to the curb! This little piece of miniature perfection has a compact ball head that allows you to adjust the camera to almost any angle - now you can capture even the most awkward angle shots. Wait, there's more - it also has adjustable legs so its height can be altered to suit your requirements and with its sturdy legs your camera always remains well balanced and stable.

This tripod is portable and lightweight allowing it to be used for all occasions, just place it on a flat surface and snap up all those unforgettable moments.

Features :
- Extendable legs (maximum height : 8cm)
- Portable and Lightweight
- Adjustable Angle
- Firm and Sturdy Legs
- Length : 9 cm closed, 12 cm open


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