Bendy Tripod

Bendy Tripod
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9 € This item is discontinued

If you enjoy taking pictures you know that tripods are valuable accessories! But sometimes it's not possible to use a tripod because there isn't a great place to position it - the area might be rocky or sloped. Or you didn't bring your clunky tripod with you on your trip. Well those days are gone...

With our new little tripod here fits just about anywhere, so it's so simple to take from one place to the next. And regarding position, well it has features such as bendable legs so you can actually wrap the legs around objects like tree branches, benches, rocks. And the ends of the tripod are rubbery so it can easily sit on uneven surfaces...

But don't take our word for it...try it out for yourself - you'll be so pleased, and your friends - so jealous!!!

Universal standard lock 1 / 4 20 - Fits all compact cameras
Includes a smatphone support (adjustable)
Supported maximum weight: 275 g
Height: 15.5 cm


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