Plante Résurrection

Resurrection Plant

Resurrection Plant
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This plant is perfect for plant lovers, those who don't exactly have "Green Thumbs", and of course people interested in unique objects....

When you receive the plant it looks more like a dried bird nest. But after putting it in water it quickly comes to life, unfurling into a vigorous green fern! If it is removed from water, it quickly 'dies', but put it back in water and it comes to life. You can do this experiment infinite's an intriguing botanical curiosity!

This plant thrives in desert environments, which accounts for it's ability to remain dormant in the case of no water!

Size: about 10 cm

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Dommage que l'emballage ne soit pas totalement fermé, cela éviterait que des morceaux de plante s'éparpillent partout dans le colis...
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