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Magic Bubbles

Magic Bubbles
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For those of us who never quite mastered the art of blowing bubble gum bubbles help is finally here...

Simply put some magic paste on a plastic tube and blow : a balloon will form, it really requires zero talent! Give the bubble any shape you want and then detach it from the tube and close it with your fingers. Come to think of it, this is way cooler than bubble gum bubbles!

The balloon is made of a rigid membrane, so it's pretty resistant and won't explode. However, with time it will lose air just like a regular balloon.

Of course you'll buy this kit for the kids, but in the end it's most likely that you will be blowing all the bubbles - not because it's difficult or complicated - just because that's what always happens. We recommend getting two kits - you and your kids will thank us!!!

The kit is composed of a plastic tube with a tube of "magic" paste!

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