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Heating Scarf - blue

Heating Scarf - blue
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24 € This item is discontinued

This scarf is not only soft and comfy, but it also acts like a hot water bottle!!! Stick it in the microwave for about 2 minutes and it'll stay warm, heating you for a long while! The perfect gift for anyone whose always cold. The perfect accessory for cold nights out!

Filled with flax seeds and dry lavender flowers, this scarf surrounds it's owner with tranquility and a lasting lavender fragrance!

Did we mention that this scarf can be put into the freezer as well? It works well as a cold compress too!

Length : 105 cm

Recommendations :
- Heat using an 800W microwave
- Don't heat more than 2 minutes
- Perfect for all ages, but always verify the temperature before giving this scarf to a child.

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