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Danger Shots

Danger Shots
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10 € This item is discontinued

A little chemistry and a little booze = a whole lotta fun!!!

Mixologists - label your creations with the perfect chem lab representation! At least now no one can say you didn't warn them.

Attention all consumers : the symbol's on the shot glass, understand it's meaning and drink at your own risk! Oh and these glasses have an added bonus - now it's easy to know whose shot glass is whose! Could it get any better than this?

Science and Drinking come together perfectly with this set of 6 shot glasses!

Height : 6 cm

Liquor glasses:

On the Rocks Whisky Glass On the Rocks Whisky Glass
14 €
Skull glass Skull glass
7.50 €

[Ref. 8751] [$, £, CHF...]

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