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41 € This item is discontinued

This is a 2 in 1 toy : it's both a planetarium and a slide projector.

Project the stars on the ceiling, with or without the constellations (your choice). The planetarium turns on itself to simulate the rotation of the sky!
You can also see the stars more clearly, by placing a blue dome over the planetarium so that the stars are projected with a blue background.

Insert a disc and project either on the wall or ceiling photos! There are 3 discs of 8 photos with 3 different themes :
- "The Conquest of Space" (rockets, spaceships, robots on the Moon and mars....)
- "Orbiting Earth" (astronauts, space station, satellites, space walks ...)
- "Stars and Nebulae" (beautiful photos from space : stars, galaxies, planets ...)

Requires 3 AA batteries (not included)
Suitable for children ages 8+

Contains :
- 1 projector
- 2 dome "Planetariums" (starry sky and constellations)
- 1 observation dome
- 3 discs
- 1 instruction booklet in French with full explanations and information.


4 Kodak batteries : AA / LR6 4 Kodak batteries : AA / LR6
3 €

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