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Paper kit

Paper kit
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Did you know that an office worker uses on average 50 sheets of A4 paper per day?

Did you know that the French use on average 170 kg of paper per year for various reasons? (This figure is double in some countries!)

Paper is one of the most prevalent consumer products in our society. It's found everywhere and in very different forms: A4 sheets, printed newspapers, cartons, toilet paper, etc. ... Yet, not many people have a clear idea of how it is made or how it's productions has evolved throught the ages.

Learn all this and how to make your own paper from old newspapers or cardboard. You can even add flowers, tea leaves and colors!

Kit includes:
- A framework
- A sieve
- A press
- A book of history and explanations in French (24 pages)
Box size: 24 x 15 x 6 cm

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