Dinosaure robot 3D

3D Dino Robot

3D Dino Robot
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45 € This item is discontinued

This Dino is fun and educational at the same time : it's a puzzle to put together to create a 3 dimensional dinosaur (a stegosaurus to be precise)!

Once he's been put together, Mr Stegosaurus can move his head, make cries and from a distance perceive noise and changes in light!

There exists 3 functionality modes :

1. Demo : Where the dinosaur moves his head and cries out when it detects noise and light.

2. Free : The dinosaur has more movements of the head, roars, and walks all based on noise and light fluctuations.

3. Remote : Using a remote control the dino can be made to walk, roar or move it's head.

Animated wood puzzle in 3D
Dimensions : 40 x 18 cm

Kit contains :
- 2 pre-cut wooden boards (4 mm thickness, 36 pieces)
- 2 motors
- 1 remote control (needs 2 AAA batteries, not furnished)
- 1 power box (needs 3 AA batteries, not furnished)
- 1 light detector
- 1 sound detector/emitter
- 1 instruction sheet in French


4 Kodak batteries : AAA / LR03 4 Kodak batteries : AAA / LR03
3 €

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  5/5 , 07/02/2013
Pas encore utilisé mais l'idée de la maquette que l'on ne range pas en haut d'une étagère une fois montée est plaisante
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