Panneau Mappemonde en liège (avec léger défaut)

World in Cork (slight damage)

World in Cork (slight damage)
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34.50 € 17.25 This item is discontinued

On this product, the continent "North America" is slightly damaged.

Definitely more original than your standard rectangular cork board - this one is cut to resemble the continents. You can attach notes and pictures of your travels around the world, or just keep it plain - it's a decorative piece on it's own!!!

The adhesive is on the back so that you can easily position this cork board map on any smooth surface!

Map dimensions : about 120 x 50 cm
Box dimensions : 39 x 28 cm
Push pins included

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World in Cork World in Cork
34.50 €

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  3/5 , 11/01/2013
Le panneau est sympa - peut-être un peu petit pour coller beaucoup de photos - Une pièce était cassée et le dindon me l'a remplacée sans problème (problème du constructeur).
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