Douche lumière (classique)

Shower Light (basic)

Shower Light (basic)
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19 € This item is discontinued

Ready for something amazing to happen in the shower??? Check out this original shower head. It lights up and changes colors based on the water temperature!!! Did we mention that it uses hydro power and no batteries to light up? Pretty cool huh? Get ready for a unique and soothing experience in the shower. The shower head connects directly to your shower pipe for easy installation - can you ask for anything more???

When the water is cold the light shines BLUE , and as the water heats up the colors change from GREEN to RED!!!!

Features :
- Has a built-in device to generate electricity without using a battery. It works with water flow. The LED will emit light instantly and automatically,
- Dimensions : 21 x 8 cm
- Material : ABS Plastic ; Chrome finish
- CE and ROSH certifications

[Ref. 8899] [$, £, CHF...]

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