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Light & sound hat

Light & sound hat
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33 € This item is discontinued

Featuring two light-up graphic equalizer panels and built in speakers, this headgear will not only keep your ears warm it allows you to listen to music as it glows along to the beat! This means that as well as being a top hat (but not a Top Hat!) you can attach your iPod or other MP3 player, mobile phone, or whatever you're using to play your music and the amplified speakers provide excellent quality sound. The EQ panels on the sides will pick up the beat and pulse along in time, turning you into a groovy musical light show.

Features :
- Compatible with any music player with standard headphones output (3.5mm)
- One size fits most
- Battery requirements : 2 AAA (not included)


4 Kodak batteries : AAA / LR03 4 Kodak batteries : AAA / LR03
2.95 €

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