Douche lumière (multijet)

Shower Light (deluxe)

Shower Light (deluxe)
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29 € This item is discontinued

This shower head has lights that change colors!!!!

It temperature sensitive so when the water is cold the light shines GREEN, and as the water heats up the colors change from BLUE to RED!!!!

The best part is that this device doesn't require a battery or external's powered by the water that runs through it!!! And it's easy to install, just unscrew your current shower head and screw this on right on!!!

The shower head is a chrome coated ABS shower head, and is environmentally friendly and saves water!!!

What are you waiting for, get the party started with your new multicolor producing shower head...YEAH!

Dimensions : length 23 cm x diameter 12 cm
5 water modes
No battery needed

[Ref. 8340] [$, £, CHF...]

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