Gelli Baff - Gel de bain magique

Gelli Baff

Gelli Baff
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10 € This item is discontinued

Tired of trying to convince the kids to get into the bath? Are you looking for a fun alternative?

Try out this fun alternative to the bubble bath, this powder will transform your bath into a semi-solid gel, red in color, and will definitely cause some eyebrows to raise!!!! Tons of fun for kids, in the bath or kiddie pool!!! Interesting fun for adults too (use your imagination).

When your finished with your bath, add the 2nd packet of powder, it's the solvent and will transform the gel back into water.

For best results add the powder to 5 to 6 cm of water.

But what is it ?
The first packet is a polymer (sodium polyacrylate) that is very absorbent. It's capable of absorbing 400 times its size in water.

Contains 2 packets :
- 200g of the powder sodium polyacrylate
- 100g of the solvent

Different versions available: red or pink
If you have a preference, please tell us in the order form ('Request to the warehouse'). Please note that we cannot guarantee your preference in the case a version is out of stock.

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