Ballons animaux

Balloon Animals

Balloon Animals
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9 € This item is discontinued

Remember the clown or magician who created those amazing animals in a few minutes out of balloons? They captivate kids, adults wonder how they do it, people admire them, some love them, others envy them...and now, drum roll please : YOU can be the artist!

OK, so it's possible that it might take you longer than the professionals, but that doesn't mean that your balloon animal will be any less amazing - how do we know? Easy, the instructions are clear and concise and there are even signs on the balloon to help!

Once you get your technique down, you'll be able to invite all kinds of balloon objects. You could even quit your job and finally get the job of your dreams! That is, if you want to be a clown...

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  4/5 , 22/12/2012
rien en franšais dommage
  5/5 , 11/12/2012
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