Zombie de jardin

Garden Zombie

Garden Zombie
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19.50 This item is discontinued

Garden gnomes had their heyday and had a certain sort of success with would be outlaws. Their owners frequently faced malicious thieves seeking to expand their gnome collections or sometimes the occasional ransom note.

A new danger is now emerging : worse than the plague, more dangerous than a hurricane and scarier than a politician's presidential campaign : the zombie garden!!!

It's nasty and not afraid of anything. Pay attention all you little people and would be kidnappers : No One Is Safe!!!

"Zombie" Gnome Garden
Terracotta - designed to live outside
Height : 29 cm

[Ref. 9164] [$, £, CHF...]

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  4/5 , 11/12/2015
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Avec ça aucun risque de me faire cambrioler par le jardin Super idée de cadeau
  5/5 , 28/10/2014
Meuarh arh arh
  5/5 , 14/12/2013
  5/5 , 11/12/2013
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