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3D Baby Hand print

3D Baby Hand print
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You may have already made plaster imprints of your children's hands and feet, but have you ever tried a 3D mold?

The principle is to first make the mold and then fill it in with plaster for a sculpture :

1. Mix the molding powder with water.
2. Place the baby's hand in a bag or container with the mixture. Firmly pack around the fingers.
3. Once hardened, extract the baby's hand and the mold is ready.
4. Prepare the plaster by mixing the powder with water.
5. Pour the plaster into the mold slowly, taking care to fin in any holes.
6. Allow it to dry and then break the mold (carefully).
7. Finish by polishing the sculpture with sandpaper.

The kit allows the fabrication of two molds (both hands, or one foot and one hand for example)

Kit Contains :
- Molding powder (180 g)
- Gypsum powder (280 g)
- 2 molding bags
- 1 measuring cup (30 ml)
- 2 wooden stick mixers
- A wooden stand (13.5 x 8.5 cm)
- Detailed instructions

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