Aquarium mural

Wall Aquarium

Wall Aquarium
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This fish tank doesn't take up the same amount of space as traditional fish tanks, requires no gravel or plants and is extremely easy and convenient to clean!!!

It's perfect for those who want a pet fish but don't have the time or the space for a traditional tank!

Make sure to give your fish plenty of TLC!

• Top up water every couple of days
• Ensure tank is cleaned at least once a week.
• Keep out of direct sunlight
• Do not place near radiators or other heat sources
• Ensure there are no loud noises or vibrations to stress the fish
• For use with small fish only

Please note, that fish tank is not suitable for all fishes, please contact your local pet shop for advice.

Diameter : 24 cm (27 cm with frame)
Thickness: 12 cm
Material : Transparent Plastic
Volume : 2.5 litres
Weight with water : < 3 kg

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Average rating : 4.5/5 (4 reviews)
  5/5 , 28/08/2014
  5/5 , 15/01/2013
Aquarium original et design, en acrylique de belle qualité +++
  3/5 , 25/12/2012
  5/5 , 17/12/2012
Super design une fois accroché !
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