Chaussons bouillotte (bottes crème)

Heating Shoes (cream boots)

Heating Shoes (cream boots)
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25 € This item is discontinued

So you think these shoes are a little grandpa-ish?

Don't let their appearance fool you - try them out and then make your decision, but before you slip them on, warm them up in the microwave. Yeah, you heard right - THE MICROWAVE!!!

Why? Because these shoes work like hot water bottles - forget about having cold feet this winter. Now your toes will be snug every evening!

Stuffed with linseed and dried lavender flowers, these shoes will keep your feet feeling warm with the soothing smell of lavender.

Check out our keep warm lines of plush animals and scarves as well.

Slippers hot water bottle, with grippers
One size fits almost all feet!
Made in England with French lavender

- Heat in microwave at 800 W
- Do not heat over 1 minute 30 seconds
- Suitable for all ages, but always check the temperature before giving to children
- Do not wash in a washing machine

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Average rating : 4.56/5 (27 reviews)
  5/5 , 23/10/2022
  5/5 , 16/12/2021
  5/5 , 10/12/2019
  5/5 , 16/12/2017
  5/5 , 14/12/2017
du bonheur d'avoir les pieds bien chauds et longtemps.
  4/5 , 12/08/2017
  5/5 , 23/12/2016
Je ne les ai pas essayés, c'est pour offrir. Mais en tout cas ils sont extrêmement doux et agréables au toucher. Je ne doute pas qu'ils plairont à la personne à qui je vais les offrir.
  5/5 , 13/12/2016
  5/5 , 15/02/2015
  5/5 , 24/12/2014
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