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Bandaged Oven mitts

Bandaged Oven mitts
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24.50 This item is discontinued

We all know looks can be deceiving, right? And never more so than in this case!

These bandage-inspired oven mitts take care of your fingers while giving the exact opposite impression! There’s nothing like dancing around the kitchen to squeals of, ‘quick, run it under the cold tap!’ to spoil a good batch of brownies…and with these mitts you can be sure to avoid that scenario, although anyone around you will definitely be worried!

Features :
- Heat-safe oven gloves
- Bandage-style look complete with burn-effect trimmings
- Gloves are interchangeable so fit any hand, left and right
- Original design - novel but practical
- Dimensions : 27 x 17 cm

Oven mitts:

Oven Boxing mitt Oven Boxing mitt
11 €

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