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Money Maze

Money Maze
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Having a little trouble putting aside spare funds for that rainy day? Well this infuriatingly well designed money box at least means that making a withdrawal becomes a shopaholic’s worst nightmare.

If you want, you can easily add some additional money or gift vouchers to the Money Maze before passing on to your intended “victim”. This simply adds to the torture, as the recipient can see the intended prize inside, but has to pit their spatial intelligence against the might of the Money Maze’s labyrinth and guide the ball bearing to its nesting place in order to release the latch.

Its probably best not to store your Money Maze anywhere near a hammer or similar tool, just in case in a fit of desperation (most likely driven by a late night desire for a takeaway) you should choose physical superiority over mental agility to solve this money box puzzle.

Dimensions : 9.5 x 9.5 x 9.5 cm

Puzzling ways to give a present:

Puzzle "The Bottle" Puzzle "The Bottle"
21 €
Puzzle "Secret box" Puzzle "Secret box"
8 €
Puzzle "Message in a bottle" Puzzle "Message in a bottle"
11.50 €
Puzzle "Lock Bottle" Puzzle "Lock Bottle"
28.50 €
Puzzle "Screwdriver Bottle" Puzzle "Screwdriver Bottle"
20 €

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  5/5 , 15/05/2020
  5/5 , 04/01/2018
  5/5 , 11/12/2017
  5/5 , 09/12/2017
  5/5 , 08/11/2017
  3/5 , 24/12/2016
Ouvrir l'emballage avec prudence pour éviter une tirelire en puzzle. Merci au SAV qui m'a adressé une nouvelle tirelire très rapidement.
  5/5 , 10/12/2013
  3/5 , 05/07/2013
Ce qui est dommage c'est le petit stockage qui nous est offert. Cependant une très bonne idée pour emprisonner un chèque, une carte cadeau ou de petit objet. J'ai malheureusement reçu un article défectueux mais je peux vous assurer que la prise en charge en SAV est rapide et très satisfaisante. J'attends avec impatience le nouvel article.
  5/5 , 18/02/2013
  5/5 , 11/01/2013
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