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Glasses Bookmark

Glasses Bookmark
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6 € This item is discontinued

Did you know that 80% of French people wear glasses or lenses for reading? 50% wear them permanently (Opinion Way Survey 2013). For most of us it has become a part of ou daily lives, even more so than the cell phone, so to speak.

Anyway, for nearsighted, farsighted and sharp eyes alike, there is an object that is absolutely essential when reading : the bookmark!

This original readers bookmark is efficient thanks to it's integrated clip and slim size - it is definitely discreet when not in use. Can you ask for more?

Chrome Metal Bookmark
Dimensions : 8 x 8 cm


Cat Bookmark Cat Bookmark
6 €
Nessie Bookmark Nessie Bookmark
11 €
Murderer Bookmark Murderer Bookmark
6 €
Moby Dick Bookmark Moby Dick Bookmark
7 €
Astronaut Bookmark Astronaut Bookmark
11.50 €
Hippo Bookmark Hippo Bookmark
10 €
Crocodile Bookmark "Crocomark" Crocodile Bookmark "Crocomark"
10 €

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  5/5 , 17/05/2017
Très amusant !
  3/5 , 29/03/2016
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