Dentifrice au wasabi

Wasabi Toothpaste

Wasabi Toothpaste
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7.50 This item is discontinued

Forget those minty or herbal toothpastes. Look beyond, for something new and daring. Open yourself up to a whole new way of brushing with Wasabi Toothpaste!

You'll be the baddest cat town with this in your bathroom. Sure you might have breath that kills, but you'll have a killer sushi smile!

Interesting facts...

Wasabi is a plant grown mainly in Japan, it's root is used to make the condiment. It's often presented as a green paste, with a very strong flavor, which resembles mustard. It's usually eaten with sushi or sashimi.

And believe it or not : wasabi is known for protecting against cavities, because it contains molecules (isothiocyanates) that prevent bacteria from attaching to teeth. TRUE!

Tube of toothpaste (real toothpaste), flavor wasabi
Capacity : 70 g

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