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Acorn Speaker / Radio

Acorn Speaker / Radio
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29 € This item is discontinued

It's always good to take a break during the day, relax and listen to some music. But, sometimes speakers or headphones aren't always available;

With this key-chain, you'll always have a small speaker on hand to listen to music with friends. It plugs into any conventional device and also has a mini-FM radio! It's made of wood and cleverly disguised as an acorn!

A single button on the speaker allows you to manage all the functions.

Mini Speaker / FM Radio / Wooden Key-chain
Production : Manual
Dimensions : 3.5 x 3 cm
Rechargeable battery included
Power : 1.5 W
USB cable for charging included
Jack cable included : to connect to any type of device : MP3 player, phone, computer, etc...

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