Métier à tisser

Weaving loom

Weaving loom
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We all have dozens of T-shirts, dresses, pants, skirts, etc. but where does the actual material come from? Nowadays we never consider where the cloth for our clothes comes from, it's as if they grow on trees.

Before a shirt or scarf is made, it's necessary to pick the cotton (or wool), wash it, spin it and then weave it. Man took centuries to develop the tools that allowed him to make fabric, to make them better, to automate the process and finally to the modern machines we use today. Each region of the world has their specific techniques, but the principle is basically the same.

This kit allows you to discover how to create your own fabric, just like they have done for hundreds of years. Create your own "Made by me" fabric to make scarves, belts, bandanna's...You decide which colors!

This kit contains :
- One wooden frame and everything needed to set up a loom
- some wool (4 colors)
- An explanation booklet

Age 6+

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