Projecteur de téléphone

Smartphone projector

Smartphone projector
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23.50 This item is discontinued

Smart phones are great - you can view your photos and videos easily - anywhere!!! But as soon as we want to show our pictures or videos to a group of friends, a problem arises : the screen is just too small!

This little accessory is awesome - it lets you project your phone screen onto a wall (or screen)!!! Now given its price, don't HD quality, but it's still better than the tiny screen, plus it's just fun!

Note : The projector projects the image upside down, but a free application to reverse the image of the phone is available for Android and iPhones.

Cardboard projector, self-assembly
Suitable for all Smart phones
Detailed installation instructions included

[Ref. 9274] [$, £, CHF...]

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  4/5 , 03/05/2017
Pas encore essayé
  4/5 , 10/12/2015
  5/5 , 09/02/2015
Une nouvelle technologie qui a de l'avenir ;=)
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