Sac grenade

Grenade Sack

Grenade Sack
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By now anyone savvy enough to be looking at a re-usable shopping bag on the internet will also be up-to-date enough to know why they are good, and why disposable plastic bags are bad, so letís not go too deeply into that.

Itís safe to say itís better to make one immortal plastic carrier bag shaped like a grenade and use it for a long time, vs making 290+ immortal plastic bags and mush them into the ground after one trip to town to pick up a sandwich. This is the logic behind this product, and the subtle way it delivers it's message "War on Plastic", wrapped as it is in a skin of ammunition-shaped fabric, itís kind of breath-taking.

Plastic re-usable shopping bag shaped like a grenade.
Dimensions : 9.5 x 7 x 7 cm

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