Sac pique-nique isotherme "papier kraft"

Isothermic Brown Paper Bag

Isothermic Brown Paper Bag
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17.50 This item is discontinued

If you're the nostalgic type - you might be missing those brown paper bags you got at the super-market and filled up with all the goodies you bought. Well reminisce no-more - this isotherm "brown paper bag" is perfect for filling up with goodies to take with you on a picnic. It incorporates the shape and style of a paper bag with the advantage of being insulated and tear-proof.

Oh and if you have the urge to decorate your plain paper bag - go ahead, it can be fully customized with markers!

Dimensions : 25 x 21.5 x 10 cm
Isotherm Bag (good for keeping hot and cold items)
Magnetic closure (top of bag)

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