Boîtier étanche pour téléphone

Aqua case

Aqua case
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29 € This item is discontinued

If you fall into one of the following cases :

1. You're so addicted to your phone that you can't bear to be away from it - even when your swimming.

2. You've always wanted to take pictures underwater - be it tadpoles or little fish.

3. You have a bad habit of plopping your phone down wherever you might be - in the sand or close to some waves at the beach.

4. You wanna go trekking in the Congolese forest during the rainy season where the humid climate could damage your phone.

Well if any of these cases apply to you, rest assured that in this waterproof case your phone is well protected! The added bonus is that it's still as functional as it was outside of the case. You can tap the touch screen and press any desired keys, take pictures, videos, write messages...everything except call someone, while your underwater that is - there's no problems with making and receiving calls when the case is not underwater! WHEW!

Plastic waterproof case.
Guaranteed waterproof up to 1 meter
Compatible with most mobile phones
Dimensions : 16 x 10 x 2 cm

[Ref. 8862] [$, £, CHF...]

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  5/5 , 22/06/2015
Vraiment étanche!!!
  3/5 , 22/12/2014
  4/5 , 17/01/2013
  4/5 , 26/12/2012
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