Peluche Moustique

Mosquito Plush

Mosquito Plush
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The mosquito is an insect of which there are thousands of species found in almost all regions of the world. Although mostly present in hot and humid climates.

The mosquito feeds on nectar from flowers, but the females suck the blood of animals for the development of their eggs. Thus they spread many diseases, including: yellow fever, dengue fever, Japanese encephalitis, chikungunya, and especially malaria, which is one of the most deadly diseases in humans.

Size: 15 cm

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  3/5 , 21/12/2016
  3/5 , 05/12/2014
Peluche jolie comme le reste de la colection. Ce modèle est par contre plus petit que les autres domage! !
  5/5 , 27/06/2013
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