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Butt Towel

Butt Towel
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13 € This item is discontinued

Looking for an interesting way to hang your towels in the kitchen or the bathroom? Have a lot of love for dogs? Well if you fall into either or both categories, this towel holder is for you!!!

It's very easy to insert and remove the towels, maybe a bit too easy?

Dimensions : 33 x 13 cm

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Average rating : 4.67/5 (3 reviews)
  5/5 , 24/02/2013
Déjà offert plusieurs fois à des amis qui ont un minimum d'humour.. Les mêmes amis qui ont reçu le taille- crayon chat! Original et drôle, le dindon quoi!
  5/5 , 22/12/2012
  4/5 , 20/12/2012
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