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Lightning reaction

Lightning reaction
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33.50 This item is discontinued

The ultimate in sadistic fun! Each player grabs a handle from the base unit and braces himself. Push the button in the centre and the music plays, building the suspense, whilst the red light flashes. When the light turns green and the music stops abruptly, make sure you're not the last to hit your trigger button...or else you're in for a nasty shock. An electric one to be precise. If you're quick enough you get to laugh at one of your mates getting electrocuted! Play with alcohol for best effect. On this special 'revenge' addition you can secretly stitch up your mates, setting up who will be shocked before you begin. Wicked!

Dimensions : 18 x 18 x 14 cm
Requires 3 AAA batteries (not included)

Important note : not suitable for pregnant women, young children and people with heart problems.


4 Kodak batteries : AAA / LR03 4 Kodak batteries : AAA / LR03
3 €

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Our customers' reviews

Average rating : 4/5 (4 reviews)
  5/5 , 10/11/2015
rigolo et s'en risque...les premiers à tester on mis du temps avant d'avoir le courage de s'en servir.Bonne partie de rigolade en famille.
  4/5 , 21/12/2012
il n'y a qu'une musique juste un peu decus pour sa mais sinon top !!! Meme pas mal mais quand meme ouil ouil ouil !!!
  3/5 , 20/12/2012
  4/5 , 07/12/2012
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