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Insta Worms

Insta Worms
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Now is your chance to create a bowl full of Insta-Worms! Just add a little Worm Activator to some blue Worm Goo, stand back and watch the worms wriggle and squirm, along with your friends and family! Fishing, anyone? Oh, did anyone mention that this is an excellent way to learn a little chemistry at the same time? Awesome!

What's included?
You'll get everything you need to make more than 20 feet of ooey, gooey worms. The kit contains 60 mL of Worm Goo, Activator Powder, and a guide.

What does it teach?
Explore the science of building polymers by cross-linking long chains of molecules. The process of making Instant Worms is faster and easier than the classic Slime recipe and it happens the very second the two liquids mix. Truly amazing!

Not suitable for children under 3

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