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Keyboard Watch

Keyboard Watch
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75 € 37.90 This item is discontinued

Looking for something original? How about this watch with plenty of buttons and no screen. Just how can anyone tell the time?

Just push any number 0 - 9 on the watch and it will blink the current time using small LEDs that are on each button face. For the date, simply press the # key and watch the numbers light up.

With buttons are reminiscent of a computer keyboard or those old push-button phones, we're sure people will definitely be talking about your watch and you can rest assured that the guy next to you won't be wearing anything similar!!!

Features :
- Dimensions : 4.5 x 4 x 1.2 cm
- Strap : black silicon with stainless steel buckle
- Functions : 12/24 hour time, Date
- Easy to read white LEDs
- Battery : 1 Lithium
- Lightweight

Computers & Keyboards:

Macintosh Mug Macintosh Mug
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