Ampoule lumineuse

Oil bulb

Oil bulb
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32 € This item is discontinued

The Light Bulb : has a simple form and is associated with light, more specifically electricity. But this one works with oil!!!

These lamps are perfect for setting the mood and give off enough light to move around freely at night. Reduce your need for harsh white electrical light and opt instead for a few nights of relaxed soft light provided by this lamp in association with some candles around the room - we're sure you'll unwind and anyone around will definitely dig the atmosphere created!

The wick is made from glass fibers that hardly get consumed - so don't worry about changing the wick.

Oil Lamp
Dimensions : 13 x 6 cm
Glass and Inox
Glass fiber wick included
Oil not included

[Ref. 8881] [$, £, CHF...]

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Average rating : 5/5 (2 reviews)
  5/5 , 08/08/2015
Un peu petit, mais vraiment un bel objet design qui remplacera les bougies en étant beau et économe :-)
  5/5 , 07/12/2013
Procure des teintes douces, une ambiance tamisée reposante et bien inhabituelle à notre époque
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